6th Grade - Integers

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2 - Integers

Calculation priorities

During a long calculation with brackets, multiplications, additions, we do not calculate everything in the order we like.

For example, if we want to calculate calculation , we do not have the same result if we do either the addition or the multiplication first, if we begin with the addition we have calculation and if we begin with the multiplication the result is calculation. We do not get the same result. In a long calculation, we do not necessarily calculate from left to right, but we rather respect the following rules :

1. We first calculate what is found in the brackets if there are any.
2. When there are no more brackets, we calculate the multiplications and the divisions.
3. When there are only additons and subtractions left, we finish the calculation by going from left to right.

The result of the calculation above was 11 because we had to do the multiplication first. Here are some examples of calculations that you must understand well and that you should be able to again.

examples of calculation priorities

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6th Grade Integers

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