5th Grade - Fractions

5th Grade lesson

3 - Fractions

Numerator, denominator

A fraction is a number with an integer on top, a line under it and another integer below the line.

Note : the number on top of the line is called the numerator, the number below the line is called the denominator.

fraction reads 'three over two'
fraction reads 'seven over two'
fraction reads 'two thirds'
fraction reads 'eleven over three'
fraction reads 'three quarters '
fraction reads 'nine over four'
fraction reads 'two over five'
fraction reads 'two over six'
fraction reads 'one two one over three four five'

Fractions are numbers. Generally, they are not integers. We can place them on the right of integers when calculating their value :

vthe value of a fraction
fractions on the right

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5th Grade fractions