6th Grade - Geometry

6th Grade lesson

5 - Geometry

To end this 6th Grade program, here is a list containing vocabulary about angles.

Complementary angles

Two angles are complementary if their sum equals 90. The green and blue angles are complementary.
complementary angles

Supplementary angles

Two angles are supplementary if their sum equals 180. The yellow and orange angles are supplementary.
supplementary angles

Sum of angles in a triangle

In a triangle, the sum of the 3 angles is always equal to 180.

Angles, alternate interior angles, alternate exterior angles, vertically opposite angles and corresponding angles

Finally, you can add to your culture the following notions.

vertically opposite angles
Vertically opposite angles
alternating-internal angles
Alternate interior angles
Alternating-external angles
Alternate exterior angles
corresponding angles
Corresponding angles

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