2nd Grade - Problems

2nd Grade lesson

5 - Problems

Now let's have a look at problems with several calculations. You can try to solve the problems and if you do not manage to, clik to see the correction.

With a multiplication and a subtraction.

Stuart wants to buy 7 roses for Lilly. A rose costs 2 dollars. Stuart has 20 dollars. When he buys the flowers how much money will he have left?

With several multiplications and a sum

Lilly wants to buy 5 roses and 7 carnations for Stuart. A rose is sold 2 dollars and a carnation 3 dollars. How much will Lilly pay?

With several multiplications and additions

Stuart is a striker in a soccer team, last year he played 30 matches. During 14 matches he scored no goal, during 6 matches he scored one, during 5 matches he scored 2 goals, during 3 matches he scored 3 goals and during 2 matches he scored 4. How many goals did he score all in all?

If you manage to solve these problems, go on training yourself with the problems!

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2nd Grade Problems