Grade 4

Final test of the 4th Grade

Good luck!

Question 1
Is the multiplication on the right correct?
yes no

Question 2
Is the division on the right correct?
yes no

Question 3
How many decimeters are there in a decameter?
1000 0,001 0,01 100

Question 4
One square decameter contains one million square millimeters.
Right Wrong

Question 5
Which fraction of the rectangle the green part is representing?

Question 6
Which of the two following fractions is the smallest?

Question 7
You buy 1 doughnuts which cost 90 cents and 3 baguettes which cost 70 cents, you give 5 dollars, how much must the shopkeeper give you back?
2 dollars 2,1 dollars 3 dollars

Question 8
The age of the captain is equal to his age less 100. How old is the captain?
45 years old 50 years old 55 years old

Question 9
How much is the area of a square whose summits measure 3 centimeters?
6 cm² 8 cm² 9 cm²

Question 10
Has the geometrical form an axis of symmetry?
yes no