Grade 9

Final test of the 9th Grade

Good luck!

Question 1
What is the intersection of the intervals and ?

Question 2
Determine the solutions of

Question 3
The solution(s) of the equation are :
x = -3 x = -3 ou x = 3

Question 4
Is the function even ?
yes no

Question 5
Determine the set of solutions of the following inequation .

Question 6
How much is ?

Question 7
Are the vectors and collinear ?
yes no

Question 8
Are the points on a line ?
yes no

Question 9
The intersection of a plane and a line (which is not parallel to the plane) is :
a point a line a plane

Question 10
In a class, 8 pupils are between 1,50m and 1,60 m tall, 14 pupils are between 1,60m and 1,70m tall, 10 pupils are between 1,70m and 1,80m tall. What is approximately the average height of the pupils ?
1,64 m 1,66 m 1,68 m