Grade 10

Final test of the 10th Grade

Good luck!

Question 1
The equation has :
no solution 1 solution, x = 2 2 solutions, x = 0 et x = 4

Question 2
How much is ?

Question 3
What is the derivative of the function

Question 4
Why is the function always increasing when x is positive ?
Car sa derivée est toujours positive Car elle est toujours positive

Question 5
How much is the sum of all the whole even numbers from 1 to 1000 (use the sequences) ?
250000 250250 250500

Question 6
You play heads or tails with a coin. If the coin falls on tails you earn 2 euros, if it falls on heads you earn 3 euros. X is the random variable that shows the winning after you've tossed the coin. How much is X expected value?

Question 7
The barycenter of the system is situated :
in the triangle ABC A outside of the triangle, near to the line (BC) A outside of the triangle, near to the line (AB)

Question 8
How much is the dot product of and of ?
-2 22 23

Question 9
The image M' of a point M by the rotation which center is O and angle :
is on the point 0 is ont the point M is symmetrical to M across O.

Question 10
The cartesian coordinates of a point M are x = 2 and y = 2 . What are its polar coordinates?